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Life goes by fast. 

People and things come and go but there is something different about the beginning of the new year. Its one of the few times when we allow ourselves to experience the sensation that life is somehow moreopen and fresh. For some reason, it’s easier to feel hopeful and inspired at the beginning of the year, after we’ve spent time with family and friends and allowed ourselves to indulge in good food and play. 

2014 The Year of Living

To me, January feels akin to standing in the middle of a bridge. Behind me lies the previous year in retrospect and ahead lies infinite possibilities.

At this same time last year I had just moved back to Boston from spending a few years doing a successful startup in the metropolis known as Beijing, China. I had my dog (which I rescued from Beijing), my partner, and literally nothing else. 

I could not have imagined what the year had in store for me: fifty+ trips to the cancer ward, the death of my grandfather, my grandmother’s terminal illness, helping a total stranger write his life biography, the creation of a wellness center, connecting to my Higher Self, weddings, births, serendipitous meetings, moves, laughter, tears, goodbyes, hellos and–my crowning glory–the creation of my private life coaching practice.

This time last year I made a promise to myself to act in accordance with my gut and to never sell myself short or compromise on account of fear. I knew that it was all or nothing

Either I believe in myself and trust the universe NOW, or never. 

And, gulp, I said my prayers and jumped.

At first, it was great, I was an entrepreneur again and made my own rules.

Then, as the initial magic began to wear off, everything started to suck. Friends and relatives my age were getting married, buying beautiful homes, getting promotions and having children. There were many times I almost caved because having a steady income and driving a nice car seemed pretty reasonable. By the way, if you ever want to be the black sheep in an Asian household, say no more than: “I don’t want to go back to school, I refuse to get a 9-5 job ever again and I actually would like to change the world.”

I found myself changing in many ways. Instead of being discouraged by the difficulties I was facing, I became more resolved to make my vision and dreams come true. 

Then, something even more magical happened–my practice began to grow.

One December afternoon, looking out the window of my new office, I realized I had indeed changed not only externally but also my perception of myself and what I could do. I knew I was walking the path that was meant for me.

I felt that I was in a familiar place for the first time.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

2014 The Year of Living2

Now, at the precipice of this new year, I am filled with utter gratitude and awe because, simply by believing in myself and in the loving universe, I have transformed life as I knew it into something malleable and responsive.

Life no longer happens tome; it happens for me.

I play with it and we create miracles together. And, as chance would have it, I help people do the same.

I remind my clients that its not hard, its just a matter of how hard you want it. And the feeling of being fully alive is simply a matter of choice, every moment of every day. 

Now, at this edge of this new year, I ask you the question: 

Will you jump with me?


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Anna is unrelenting in her search for truth and wisdom. She believes that all experiences in life move us toward our greatest strength and happiness. She is committed to living fully and enjoying the heck out of every experience and every person. She loves coffee, crystals and Fast Company.

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