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A lesson on manifesting


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An interesting thing happened to me last week, I was sitting at a cafe in Back Bay chatting with a friend about growing her consulting business and her targets for 2014.
We were discussing how great it would be for her to hit her revenue goals so that she could finally take a vacation and treat her mom to something nice.Just as we took our last sip of coffee and sent some positive energy to her business, a slender woman completely decked out in designer clothing sauntered by and I saw my friend rolling her eyes.“Must be nice” she sighed “I bet all she does everyday is Pilates and spend her husband’s money.”

We’ve all been there, and had I been paying attention, I might have had the same fleeting thoughts.

Yet, there’s a bit of cognitive dissonance here. How can my friend want more money and abundance yet have such disdain for another person who embodies those traits?

She was sending mixed messages to the universe and to herself.

On one hand, she was saying I want more abundance so that I can live an abundant life and on the other hand, she was saying wealthy women are superficial, annoying and dependent.

How could she have wealth if it has such a loaded negative connotation? It’s more than likely that part of her will resist achieving substantial success because it doesn’t want to take on that energy that she has labeled as bad.

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One of my wonderful clients, who is working on bringing more love into her life, told me how irritating it was to see all her friends’ happy couple photos on Facebook.
It was too much for her to see others having what she wanted, almost as if the universe was rubbing it in her face.This totally normal reaction reflects not only our inner fears but also the greater context of our upbringing.In our competitive culture, we have been programmed to perceive another’s “winning” as our “losing.”

When we feel insecure, the world is the enemy because they are an unconsciously perceived threat.

However, this could not be less true energetically.
Energy is the conductor of our lives.

My friend’s unconscious fears about wealth and my client’s unconscious fears about love resonate at a certain energy level, a specific frequency that they send out and carry with them into the world. This influences their decision-making, their perspective on the world as well as how others see and treat them.

Because they have a respective desire to achieve abundance and intimacy, they are projecting both their conscious intention (desire) as well as their unconscious programming (fear) into the world.
As you can imagine, the universe has a field day with these signals and does all in it’s power to test both of these intentions to see which one they resonate with more: the fear or the desire.

Sometimes the fear wins and sometimes the desire wins.

This constant back and forth can lead to a state of being “stuck” and a nagging feeling that success is right around the corner but still out of reach.

The universe hears both your fears and your desires.

So, how can they move forward toward their desires?

Release the fear; embrace the desire.

Recognize the unconscious beliefs and fears and then choose to pursue the opposite, your desires.

It’s as simple and as difficult as and the act of understanding your belief blueprint is quite liberating and rewarding.

Next time you notice someone driving you crazy, take a moment to go within and ask yourself:why?

You may find some fears for you to release.

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