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One of my favorite start-up bloggers, Penelope Trunk, pretty much summed up career coaching in her recent blog post:

“…most people don’t have career problems, they just wish they did because career problems are so much easier than life problems.”
I have had the privilege of witnessing the life breakdown and subsequent restoration of some of the most inspiring individuals around through my coaching practice. Here are some of my insights…

Everyone who comes in with a career-related issue–I am stuck and trapped in my job, my boss won’t give me a promotion, my start-up is growing and my family needs me, I can’t find balance in my life outside of work–really have issues with unresolved emotional expression.

All career-related issues come from unhealed life issues.

All health-related issues–I’m overweight, I am an emotional eater, I have anxiety and panic attacks and I use chocolate to cope with life (guilty as charged)–come from unhealed personal trauma.

All romance and relationship related issues–I can’t find love, my partner and colleagues don’t respect me, my husband is too focused on work, my wife is not giving me enough space–come from unbalanced perspectives of the self and it’s relation to the outside world.

A client, who works for one of the quickest growing business development firms in the Middle East, described my coaching perfectly: “You tell people you will help them hit their goals and targets and then you sneak in through the back door and make them talk about their feelings.”

There is a reason for this.

If we learn how to navigate our deep rooted emotional operating system, we gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can’t be taught from an external source. We tap into the reasons why we exist, the reasons why we cause pain to ourselves, what we really want, who we really are, and what we truly desire out of life.

Here’s the good news, if you do the deep, emotional work–your entire world begins to change. You realize the reason why you have kept your promotion at bay, why you need to create chaos in your relationships and what your body is trying to tell you.

Go deep.

There is no other way.

There is no shortcut.

There is no escape. Your lessons will find you and they will be relentless.

Trust me, I’ve spent nearly my whole life running from my own emotional demons and, because I was ultra sensitive, I became self-critical, depressed, isolated and incredibly self-destructive. There were times when I couldn’t leave my house because I was so concerned with what others thought about me.

I sought comfort in food and in other people who were in similar life stages of pain and confusion.

It was only after years and years (and it’s an ongoing process) of deep spiritual and emotional healing did the weight begin to lift. When I faced what I had been running from, I opened up a new level of awareness within myself that profoundly changed the possibilities that were available to me.

It’s important to have a trusted guide to help you through your emotional healing process, be it the self-help section of Amazon, your therapist or a trusted counselor.

In the beginning of the journey, an important piece is acknowledging there is more to your problem than what is at the surface. Get real with the story you’ve been telling yourself because, whether you know it or not, your emotions are the creators of life built around you.


“You cannot change what you refuse to confront.”
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