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“Nature is now too often denied by people who are fragmented from the land. Such a world is seldom one that carries and creates the human spirit. Too rarely is it understood that the soul lies at all points of intersection between human consciousness and the rest of nature. Skin is hardly a container. Our boundaries are not solid; we are permeable, and even when we are solitary dreamers we are rooted in the soul outside. If we are open enough, strong enough to connect with the world, we become something greater than we are.”  (p. 145-146 The Inner Journey, Views from Native Traditions edited by Linda Hogan)


Often, we believe that our soul and consciousness is reserved to just the space in our heads or in our bodies–that our soul is somehow just the etheric representation of our personality.

While this is true, it’s only a small part of the experience of the soul and of our higher consciousness.

Many of us live in a cerebral space where we experience the world through creating logical structures that help us interpret external stimulus and “make sense” of an otherwise seemingly chaotic world. Living in a head-centered reality allows us to cultivate our ego and form a unique perspective of the life. However, when this is the only modality used to process the world it can keep us trapped in the confines of an untrained and, what the Buddhists call “wild” mind. Herein lies attachment and subsequent suffering.

I work with many people who are highly logical-minded: engineers, analysts, detectives, etc and I often see their minds working against them, almost trapping them in a circular loop of processing that doesn’t go anywhere. This creates the sense of being “stuck” because they literally can’t separate their thoughts from higher consciousness (that which observes the thoughts,) so they begin to believe that their thoughts must be who they are. Also, when they are limited to “thinking” with just their mind, they become confused and torn because they can’t reconcile their feelings and gut instincts which might be pulling them in a different direction.

Few of us incorporate the physical, sensual awakening of the body as a source of understanding and experiencing the world. From this perspective, we attune to the body’s innate wisdom, healing and sensory powers. Not only can the body detect what is nourishing and healing (and otherwise toxic) in terms of food and sustenance–the body can also accurately detect imbalance at higher levels–individual, societal, political, etc. We can tap into this knowledge through methods such as muscle testing, meditation, grounding and other forms of heart-opening movement such as yoga and tai-chi. When we are connected to our bodies intimately we begin to see it’s tool as both a temple as well as a receiver and transmitter of divine knowledge.

The body is wise and is always moving toward equilibrium. When we get sick, it is actually a way to get better–either through a clearing and a healing of the body as it fights off illness, or by forcing us to examine what we need to change in our life in order to get back to balance. I had a client who would go through bad chronic depression in the winter months, sometimes landing him in a medical facility. For him, there was a huge disconnect between his head and his heart. Once we integrated and accepted his perspective to include “living from his heart” he gained a sense of grounding that helped stop his manic episodes. Also, what came along was a deep acceptance–relieving old feelings of guilt and shame.

While few of us are conscious in our bodies, even fewer of us tap into the greater, universal web of consciousness that is connected to all things. This means feeling into the ether, the Qi, the Prana that connects and feeds all that is. This is the space of mystery and magic and, in this quantum field, there is a close, inseparable unity of all living things in the form of energy and vibration. Consciousness of this space beyond the skin of our being is where there is limitless possibility for the creation of all things. This is the space of feeling and knowing, of trust and unconditional love.

We are connected by energy. If you take a deep breath right now and concentrate on a loved one in your life, you can probably accurately feel what he/she is going through. We can also feel into our future, we can even feel into the future of our loved ones and even that of our country and the planet. The universal consciousness is what our higher selves is tapped into and contains information more vast and deeper than what our logical minds can comprehend.

What this means for us

To fully awaken to full experience of being alive, we must cultivate to truly knowing ourselves beyond who we think we are.

This means surrendering the ego and the walls we create to keep us safe from rejection and that also keep us from fully opening up to our true power (which comes through vulnerability.)

This means letting go of the attachment of deriving meaning and significance from the people, structures and things external of us so that we can melt into the significance (and non-significance) of our existence as a unique expression of Source.

And embracing ourselves as a vast, limitless being far bigger than the confines of our personality and mind and body.

This not only leads to a holistic integration of our physical and energetic systems, it also allows us to hook into the deepest form of love and support–that of our connection to Source and Light.

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