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In my practice, clients hire me to help them create the life they want. In order to do so, they know they have to become more than what they they are. Rather, they have to become more than what they believe they are.

This is the only way they can achieve aspects of their lives that were previously unattainable.

Really, what I’m doing is helping them realize a part of themselves that has been dormant for some time–hidden underneath layers of unconsciously blocked energy.

Our beliefs are key–they form the framework from which we act in the world. Energetically, they set the tone for what we create and what we attract.

Let me say this clearly:

If someone wants love and doesn’t have it–it’s because deep down, he doesn’t believe he can have it.

If someone wants a fulfilling job and instead works in a soul-sucking corporate culture–it’s because deep down she’s decided she can’t have it all.

In order to understand what I’m getting at. Let’s look for a moment from a higher source perspective.

This is the realm of the unconscious mind (where all our decisions are made anyway) and also the realm of the higher mind (where our path unfolds for us.)

Take a moment to let go of our judgements about the events in life, that is, our moral constructs of good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, etc.

Go up a level.

This is the space from where everything flows–conducted purely by intuition, higher consciousness, energetic forces and physics.

How do you know how to breathe? You just do.
How do animals know where to migrate? Instinct.
How is it possible that we live in a world of dichotomy where a person can be both kind and cruel?
Duality is simply the nature of the world (without the mental constructs we create to skew our thinking.)

For a moment, come from the space that everything in our lives happen for our personal growth and for expansion of source energy. In this sense, there are simply no problems because everything (“good” or “bad”) moves us to forward in our mission.

Often, it’s the perspective that there is something wrong, i.e. a problem, that pegs our thinking to an unproductive energy and keeps us stuck. Whereas, if we focus instead on what it is that we’d rather have–it opens up our minds to greater possibilities.

A “problem” is simply a desire for something different. Yet, when we focus on a problem, the result is vastly different than when we focus on a desire.

There are no problems; only desires2

Problem-based thinking (real client scenario):

I’m feel so stuck in my life: my job is no longer fulfilling, I feel like I’ve wasted my time dating people I don’t really like and all of my friends seem to be moving ahead in their lives while I feel far behind.

Desire-based thinking:

It feels good to have a life where I feel free and open. I’d like a career that allows me to connect with people and have the freedom to pursue my other hobbies. I want to leave work with more energy to connect with friends and also to make time for physical fitness and intimacy.

 Both of these frameworks have momentum–the question is–to what outcome does the momentum lead in both scenarios?

How does this apply to your life?

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About the Author:

Anna is unrelenting in her search for truth and wisdom. She believes that all experiences in life move us toward our greatest strength and happiness. She is committed to living fully and enjoying the heck out of every experience and every person. She loves coffee, crystals and Fast Company.