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Failure breaks the ego

One thing about high-achieving entrepreneurs is: they fail. They fail more than your average person which is why they often succeed more than average. Yet, overcoming fear doesn’t necessarily get easier, especially if the failure is high-stakes and public.  

Massive failure is always a huge gift.

Failure offers the possibility of re-birth. 

It allows us to shed the shell of our old persona and the pressures, tension and expectations around it. 

After the initial shock of, let’s say, a public failure, there tends to be a feeling of emotional release and clarity. This is a break in the ego—a quiet moment of silence—as our previous construct of ourselves i.e. our old persona and old reality comes to an end. 

In many ways, it’s a fresh start. 

There is a clearing for new ways of being.

It allows us to reassess, learn and expand–as long as we remain flexible and open to change. The people who really suffer are those who are too rigid to accept the growth a massive failure offers. 

After a big fail, there is a part of us that goes “Well, the cat’s out of the bag, nothing I can do now!” and we are vulnerable and naked in front of the world with all of our successes and failures—it’s very liberating.

Most people would be lucky to experience this level of authenticity because this breaking of the ego gives us an even deeper access to our true selves and our true desires (which may be to never make the same mistake again.)

Where people tend to get stuck is when they fail to use this clearing in an empowering way.

It’s the equivalent of tripping in public, falling on our face and never getting up. Or, even if we get up, we are so embarrassed that we re-play the incident over and over again until it impacts the way we normally walk.

In the more empowered approach, we may laugh it off, readjust the obstacle in our path and continue on with the added realization that we were always surrounded by others ready to lend us a hand.

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