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Last week, I publicly admitted something I had never revealed before to anyone in my life.

I had the honor of speaking at Creative Mornings (hosted at the bustling millennial mecca of one of the hottest companies in Boston, Wayfair, on the topic of magic.)

As my intro slide came on, this came out:

“Something that no one knows about me is that I have studied and practiced magic for most of my life.”

Wide-eyed stares.

Heads begin to tilt forward slightly.

I haven’t studied the kind of stage magic where you cut someone in half; rather, I have studied deep transformational magic, the kind that arises from indigenous practices of healing and communication with spirit and energy like Shamanic journeys, Reiki healing and the Akashic Records.

The study of magic has given me a perspective on life that enables me to see beyond surface-level perceptions in order to identify core fundamental drivers of human behavior. This enables the exploration of previously unavailable possibilities.

Transformation is both intentional and magical. In most old cultures, the magical realm and the mundane human realm coexist in intimate ways. Not only do they influence each other, they give each other power and perspective.

Why magic is important to you

Magic is an internal process that yields external results. It starts with an intention and desire to create a certain outcome. To create these outcomes, be it true love or wealth and success, the magic-maker must shift the elements in her internal and external ecosystem to allow her path to directly align with her intention.

In our daily lives, when a coincidence or event happens that is inexplicably effective, touching or mesmerizing, it is deemed magical. This is because we call forth elements of magic in many things we do, even if we don’t realize it.

We are all given the inner tools to create magical experiences and transformations.

What if we really owned our power and responsibility as holders of magic?

What if we consciously used elements of ritual and intention to weave this sense of unspoken mystique and wonder into our interactions, our presentations, our relationships and our expectation of what is possible?

Many viral, impactful and memorable moments all contain an element of magic—a cultivating and build-up of elements toward an intended goal.

Elements of good marketing/sales and storytelling are also elements of magic.

Just look at the composition of The Best Sales Deck of All Time which contains seemingly esoteric knowledge, intentional transformation, subconscious storytelling and predictive fortune-telling. Not only is there magic woven into this deck, there is also a clear intention to foster wonder and awe (along with urgency and proper positioning.)

The potency of magic is that it does not speak to logic—it speaks directly to our subconscious and our soul. When magic happens, we are not consciously aware of it, though we can feel it working its way through our emotions and lighting up our physical experience.

After a magical experience, like watching a good movie or having an unexpected conversation with someone we admire, we feel different; something within us shift and we become a little disoriented as the world we participated in a few moments ago seems altered and forever changed.

In my experience, when someone consciously embraces their natural ability to create magic, they are able to accomplish things they may not have thought possible and the trajectory of their lives begin to change, almost as if the world opens up to them.

Magic is in itself magnetic because it uses elemental energy and the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) as its vehicle. Because of this, the wielder of magic also becomes magnetic to the goal they want to achieve.

I mean, that’s the point, right?




When to use magic: When logic no longer cuts it and you can’t think through a solution.

In the western world, one of our biggest strengths and flaws is our dependence on our brain. While our brain helps us plan and execute, an over reliance on the brain contributes to a number of maladies: anxiety, depression, ego fatigue, physical and emotional disconnection, and a sense of overall “stuck-ness.”

The brain is intimately connected by over 100 million neurons to other processing centers of the body, such as the enteric nervous system “the second brain,” not to mention the power of the heart, “the little brain,” which contains over 40,000 sensory neurons and sends out 60 times more electrical signals than the brain.

Logic only gets us so far; magic can get us farther and make it stick.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein


So, you find yourself sitting in front of a disconnected, uninspired and maybe even antagonistic audience—awaken your inner magic-maker and create some new possibilities….

Magic inspires people and brings them to your desired outcome, closer to you.


How you can leverage magic to immediately change your circumstances


1.) Let go of everything you believe to be real, including who you think you are

Forget about how typically hard driving you are with your team or how you normally give your sales presentations to clients or even how you are perceived by your family and friends.

The reality of the situation is, if you forget who you are and show up in a completely different way to your next team meeting, to your next sales call, your next family dinner—you will get different results. Even after 30 years of partnership, your relationships can turn around at the drop of a dime. I’ve seen it happen over and over.

Letting go of who you are means starting fresh. Throw out the calculations, the blueprints, the tried and true and see the situation from a new perspective where you can create more possibilities than logic dictates.

You may notice that accomplishing “impossible” tasks becomes the norm.

2.) Once you let go, decide how you want to show up

If you had to approach this presentation with new eyes, what is the story you’d like to tell? And, if you include just an element of magic, how can you make this more captivating to your audience so that they are emotionally glued to you?

The same goes for human relationships, if you are creating your brand from scratch, how would you like to be perceived?

For example, Let’s say you’ve been overlooked for several promotions or you’re just not closing sales, what is the discrepancy between how you are actually showing up versus how you need to show up? Then, decide how you want to show up and be seen.  

Start with your magical outcome in mind, and then proceed to the next step….

3.) Cast your spell to create the environment for success

A spell is simply a ritual or ceremony that sets the energetic environment for your desired intention or outcome.

In real people speak, this simply means consistently acting, behaving, and thinking in a way that aligns with your desired outcome. It also means taking stock of the tension and energy in the environment and taking active measures to change it for the better.

It can be as easy as changing your tone mid-conversation from rote and mechanical to intensely curious and inquisitive.

It’s like an animal sensing the changes in the atmosphere before a storm…and then doing something about it.  

I’ve known many a dispute to be prevented simply by someone noticing that there is tension in the air and addressing it before it explodes or alleviating the tension with humor or compassion.

You must focus on actively changing yourself and your environment to be conducive to moments of magic.

How can you set the tone at the beginning of your next meeting?

What can you do to manage other people’s expectations before the event unfolds?

If you know your boss is not the best listener, in what environment is she the most receptive?

While there is no magic wand solution for anything, just the mere recognition that we have more things in our control than we realize is truly empowering.

Next time you struggle to figure out the best path forward, take a breath, get off the path of logic and allow your intentions and desires do the driving.

Now go and make some magic!


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