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I am a highly reluctant leader. 

I was born into an immigrant family with little to no resources. I came from a history of persecution and trauma and was told never to speak up for myself. I was shy, introverted, depressed, antisocial and had absolutely no confidence. 

One day I realized my operating system, how I think and react to the world, kept me from everything I ever wanted in life–so, for over a decade I began to refine and re-wire myself for success.

I turned all of my previous weaknesses into assets and I learned how to create in accordance with my natural gifts and intuition.

Since then, I have founded three international companies and The Intuitive Business School which serves coaches and business owners from all over the world.  I work with some of the top companies, executives, founders and professionals in their industries ranging from high-tech to highly creative to highly spiritual. 

Everyone has qualities that make them a great leader, regardless of whether they are leaders right now. I specialize in helping people draw out their unique leadership qualities and build a thriving business and career around this. This happens through deep listening, exploration and, finally, personal & social transformation.

Schedule a FREE 15 minute Deep Dive Activation Session with me to uncover your hidden gifts and create a strategy to being the most powerful leader you can be.

Our personality holds the key to attaining our desires

We are all born with a specific personality traits learned from our early upbringing. These form our ego and helped us survive early stages of our life. In my work, I discovered the missing piece of personal growth–enabling the mind to “update” it’s old operating system that keeps us perpetuating relationship patterns and money patterns and limiting beliefs.

I have dedicated my life to helping others learn about their own unique operating system and help them update and refresh this mechanism so that they can create the life they love versus the life they are accustomed to.

By simply shifting the systems that don’t work–we get different results immediately. By creating systems that do work–they become sustainable for a lifetime.

“Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results it gets”- Dr. Don Berwick,

After having a session with me, many people experience a closer, more intimate connection with themselves as well as an ignition of confidence, passion and desire to finally create the life they want.

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A few clients past and present

 also many professionals, creatives, healers, students, stay at home parents and incredible individuals from all walks of life whom I love and adore deeply.